6 Simple Tips for Improving Your Web Security

Categories: Internet Security | Posted on Sep 16, 2016

Looking for some simple tips on how to use the internet securely?  The following tips will help increase your web security practices. While it may not be truly 100% possible to keep someone out of your sites, you can at least do your very best to fight them off.

  1. Did you know that many financial institutions have rules set in place regarding your banking data? If your accounts were to be hacked and you have used certain passwords, they will not refund your money. This is because too many people are using basic passwords that are just too easy to guess.
  2. Know how many people actually use 1234 for their bank cards?  You don’t want to use any combination of numbers, even in reverse. Don’t use the four digits of your address, or birthday information.
  3. It isn’t really that hard to come up with a creative password. Do you have a movie or favorite book? Then take the first letter of each part of the title to form a password. If the site requires a number add one or two digits on the end. Presto, you have just generated a unique password.
  4. While browsing the net don’t get into the habit of logging into a site and then staying logged in. Once you are done log out.  The longer you stay logged in, the more chances you have of attracting some type of attack. A bot could easily get you to click on a bad image that leads to goodness knows where. So don’t be lazy, set up a password generator and get into habit of logging in and out.
  5. If you have any websites always ensure that you update them regularly. Just get into the habit of logging in once a week and checking for new updates. Many hosting companies allow you to set up email notification for updates. Updates are important when it comes to web security, and many updates directly fix flaws and bugs in the system. So don’t delay updating your site for too long.
  6. While using a contact form on your website is great for your customers, it can also be a hole for an attacker, and for unwanted spam messages. Adding a Captcha box to your site is a step in the right direction. This prevents bots from attempting to send you bogus messages.

As you can see there are so many holes that are open to vulnerabilities when it comes to uses the web. Take the time to create unique passwords, add a Captcha box to your contact forms and update your sites regularly.

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