How Hackers Get Onto Your Devices

Categories: Internet Security | Posted on Sep 22, 2016

It can be difficult to know when your computer has been hacked. These days experienced hackers are so advanced, you can easily become a victim without realizing it.

What to Watch Out For

Is Your Computer Acting Strange?

One thing to watch out for is to be careful if you see anything strange while using your computer. For example, you may be using your email account and you are suddenly logged out, and then prompted to log back in. This happens in a flash and indicates that an attack has occurred. Immediately change your password before logging back in.

Use Strong Passwords

Passwords are a huge issue and easy target for hackers. There are software packages available that can be used to scan all kinds of possibilities for passwords. So if you use something like your birthday month, of the date of a holiday, or combination of numbers or letters, your account can be easily targeted.

Using longer passwords will make it harder for these programs to detect your password. Plus you can now use a “two-step” authentication for your important programs, such as your email. If someone tries to access your account with the wrong password, a message is sent to your phones with a code. The user must log in with that code in order to gain access to the account. This is a very simple and effective option to use.

To Serve and Protect

Another area that allows a hacker access to your devices and computer is your Firewall. Always ensure that this is turned on, and always keep it updated. The same goes for your anti-virus. New viruses are discovered all the time, so you have to stay updated for your protection to work effectively.

Who’s Watching You?

Your webcam is another area to be cautious of. If you always have it turned on, you could unwittingly allow a stalker to watch you. With mobile devices this threat is very common and real. Cyber-attacks and bullying cases are on the rise each day. Don’t become a victim, only turn on your webcam when you are intending to use it.

Beware of Those Emojis

Hackers love to use things like Smiley figures, screen savers, free downloads and coupons to infect your computer. If one of these pops onto your screen, ignore it and don’t click on it.

Check Your Emails Carefully

Everyone uses email and this is another common way for hackers to infect your computer. Common subject lines are those that only say RE or Hi, or I Love You etc. If you see an actual link in a headline delete it immediately.


Now that you know how hackers get onto your devices, you can take steps to prevent this from happening.

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