Types of Internet Abuse

Categories: Internet Security | Posted on Sep 19, 2016

Over the last decade there have been a lot of laws and policies put into place in the USA and the UK alone. This is because of a rise in the amount of internet abuse that unfortunately goes on.

Definition of CyberCrime
Offences that are committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm…
Source: Wikipedia
There are many types of cybercrimes including fraud, cyber bullying, stalking, harassing people with text messages, emails, instant messages and more. Laws are put into place and enforced by the Federal Communications Commission.

One of the main issues with internet laws is that they can differ from country to country. This makes it really hard to enforce, and for users to understand and abide by correctly.

For example many countries have different laws when it comes to email marketing. Some require that you have documented proof that you have permission first. Canada just introduced this type of legislation on July 1, 2014. So any business owner sending emails must have this type of proof on hand.

It is best to check your local country’s laws if you do any type of business online. Another example of this is having to collect the correct taxes from your customers. Again this varies, even within one country, depending upon what State, County, or Province you live in.


Cyberbullying is probably the most well-known type of internet abuse. This is because it has such dire consequences. This type of bullying has become so prevalent that Cyberbullying Protection Laws were put into place. It is now a crime to stalk and bully another person via the internet. Plus further, specific laws were put into place to protect young children.

Schools today offer Kindergarten children access to the internet. While the internet can be a wonderful learning tool, it also attracts children to wander to other places online.

This makes children of all ages a target for cyberbullying. It is easy for the child to access the internet. If no security measures are in place then could browse to unsafe websites. These are the places where potential stalkers lurk, waiting for an unsuspecting child to enter their territory. It is so easy for a child to become a victim, and it can be difficult to track down the bully.

Skilled hackers can easily access sites and connect with their victims. They don’t worry about being caught and feel that they can stay anonymous. A stalker or bully could live on the other side of the world from you.

Parental Responsibility

This is why it is so important for children and parents to be aware of how easy cyberbullying can take place. Always put web security in place on all of your devices, not just your home computer. Plus scan your hard drive regularly for spyware and malware. You never know who may be waiting for you.

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